Corporate Video Production

We’ve worked with globally recognized clients like Lululemon Athletica and American Express, to small businesses and entrepreneurs. No matter the size of your company or the scope of your project, we are passionate about creatively telling YOUR story. We don’t just shoot and edit, we get involved in the creative process from Real to ReelStarting the moment you contact us, we will work closely with you to develop, write, produce, film, edit and deliver your custom video content on your desired platforms from web to broadcast. Tell us your company’s story and we’ll help tell the world about your company through highly polished creative video content that will establish an immediate and authentic connection between your business and your prospective clients.

Non-Profit Video

There’s no arguing that in today’s world video content can greatly help an organization advance their mission and inspire people to get involved, especially non-profits, charitable organizations and B Corporations. Enter Philly Philms…we are creative, dedicated and infectiously passionate filmmakers with a common bond to develop and produce content that can generate awareness and funds for causes in need. It’s not just a philosophy at Philly Philms, it’s our mission, and the heart and soul of our company!

Listen to this special testimonial from one of our long-time clients ALS United Mid-Atlantic (formerly ALS Association) to hear how video production with Philly Philms has impacted their organizations goals and outcomes for over a decade:

If you are a qualifying 501(c), charitable organization or B Corporation, please contact us to learn how you can receive a significant discount on our video services.

Drone Video Services

We own and operate a number of registered drones capable of capturing breath-taking 4k footage. We are also fully licensed Remote Pilot Certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Why does this matter? Believe it or not, it’s actually illegal to fly a drone commercially (aka for pay) without a Pilot’s License and even fineable up to $32,000 for just one single incident! So, why take the risk when you can be in good, experiences hands with us!

Contact us to learn more about our drone rates OR how to work drone footage into your custom video production!

Live Streaming

The COVID Pandemic has forever changed the way companies and organizations communicate, internally as well as externally. What was once a shift to remotely interacting with clients and employees for the sake of safety, has now become a new way of addressing marketing and communications. At Philly Philms, we met this challenge head on by launching our own Live Stream Production services.

From pre-producing presentations, speakers and powerful professional videos that will capture your live stream audience’s attention, to providing soup-to-nuts live streaming services for your entire event, we’ve got you covered here at Philly Philms!

Your video project is in good hands with the professionals at Philly Philms. Let’s talk.